RI Distributors is a freight forwarding, logistics and transport company that moves cargo from any part of the world to another. Our service offering includes the following:

Ground Freight.

Using our vast number of assets as well as leveraging the networks of RI Distributors Limited including among others the DDG Logistics partnership, we can swiftly and safely move cargo overground. The fleet available for ground transportation includes normal flatbed trucks, hot shot trucks, multiple axel low loaders and as well as other specialized transportation equipment.

RI ground freight service offering does include the option of rail transport. The rail offering provides low-cost solutions for bulk cargo, containerized cargo as well as out of gauge cargo.

Air Freight

RI Distributors handles door to door imports and exports via air. Leveraging the vast network of international partners, RI Distributors Limited handles all manner and size of cargo from dry cargo to temperature-controlled cargo, as well as small parcels to bulk cargo requiring air charters.

Our airfreight solutions are tailored towards emergency cargo, pharmaceutical industry, movement of equipment and machinery, parcel movement as well as perishable exports and imports.

Sea Freight

Leveraging our timeless proven relationship with ocean freight carriers and international freight network partners, RI Distributors Limited offers sea freight solutions to our clients for Full Container Loads (FCLs), Less than Container Loads (LCLs), Break Bulk Cargo, Out of Gauge Cargo as well as units. In East Africa, RI Distributors coordinates cargo in and out of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam Ports.

Storage and warehousing    

 RI Distributors uses own as well as leased warehousing space that is both indoor and outdoor for non-bonded safe and secure storage of cargo for our clients.

Customs Brokerage             

RI Distributors Limited is an experienced Customs Broker offering customs clearance services, tax consultancy, customs bonded warehousing services as well as processing of tax exemptions for qualifying shipments.



Aid and Relief


Mining & Energy


Grain & Cereals

Oil & Gas

Aid & Relief


As we transport your cargo, we ensure it is kept secure so that it can reach its destination safely.

As part of our driving policy, our drivers are not allowed, for any reason, to drive at night. We also draw journey management plans before a truck sets off with your cargo to account for weather changes, road security, unexpected happenings, driver status etc. Before a truck sets off, we conduct pre-trip mechanical inspections, load checks and assess the conditions of the truck and the driver to make sure both are fit to deliver your cargo.